The fashions above are from the Delineator Magazine, June 1915.


Popular Reading in 1915

This illustration of Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother is the work of artist Edmund Dulac. It's taken from a 1915 volume of fairy tales produced to aid the allies in World War I. (Dulac's Picture Book for the French Red Cross can be read here.)

To me, this godmother is among the most beautiful of the Cinderella fairy godmothers. I love Dulac's costume for her and for Cinderella.

The fashions shown in this blog's masthead are taken from the June, 1915 issue of the Delineator Magazine. Young women like the ones in that Delineator page lived in what's now referred to as "The Golden Age of Illustration."

From 1900 or so through the 1920's, lavishly bound and illustrated "gift books" were produced to show off the advances that were being made in color printing techniques. They were the coffee table books of their time and were enormously popular.

A wonderful site with more golden age illustration is here.


The Waning Years of the Edwardian Figure

Although this would change radically in the next few years, the fashions in the Header at the top of this blog still required substantial corseting. This corset shows what was needed to produce the 1915 shape (from The National Cloak and Suit Company's Spring & Summer catalog.) Click for detail about corset type and construction.